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AHA BLS Instructor Essentials


Welcome to the AHA BLS Instructor Essentials Course

This course will prepare instructorcandidates to teach AHA instructor-led and blended-learning course formats. This Instructor Essentials course educates participants on how to adequately use instructor teaching materials, ensure that students meet learning objectives, offer student coaching skills, provide an objective skills performance evaluation, and follow AHA Instructor and course policies. The course covers core content and discipline-specific content required to teach AHA courses.

Educational Design

The Instructor Essentials Course is taught in a blended-learning format. To become an AHA Instructor, candidates must complete the online portion, followed by the hands-on session, which is classroom based. The online portion of the course contains both core content and discipline-specific modules to prepare the instructor candidates for the hands-on session. In the classroom, faculty will continue preparing instructor candidates to become AHA Instructors by focusing on in-depth material about the disciplines that candidates will be teaching. The hands-on session includes instruction, practice, and an exam, allowing instructor candidates to successfully use their instructor materials and skills. 

The following components are required for a candidate to complete their instructor certification:

  • Module 1: AHA BLS Instructor Essentials self-directed, online session located on AHA eLearning (Assigned by BREMSS TC)
  • Module 2: BLS Instructor Essentials Lecture Session 
  • Module 3: BLS Instructor Essentials Psychomotor Session
  • Module 4: Candidate monitoring (must be with approved BREMSS AHA Training Center Faculty)


Birmingham Regional EMS System

Birmingham Regional EMS System - BREMSS

410 10th Avenue South, Suite B
35205 Birmingham AL
United States

2024 Schedule

February 2024

Day 1: Thursday 2/08/2024 Lecture

Day 2: Friday 2/09/2024 Skills

Instructor Monitoring: TBD


April 2024

Day 1: Thursday 4/11/2024 Lecture

Day 2: Friday 4/12/2024 Skills

Instructor Monitoring: TBD


July 2024

Day 1: Thursday 7/18/2024 Lecture

Day 2: Friday 7/19/2024 Skills

Instructor Monitoring: TBD


October 2024

Day 1: Thursday 10/17/2024 Lecture

Day 2: Friday 10/18/2024 Skills

Instructor Monitoring: TBD


Prior to the classroom session, you must complete the online AHA Instructor Essentials module.

Within 7 days of the leacture module, you will receive an email from This must be completed prior to the lecture session.


Non EMS or Out of Region EMSP: $380.00

EMSP affiliated with a BREMSS EMS Agency should contact the BREMSS AHA TC Staff for information on EMS Pricing. You may email prior to completing registration.

To be eligible for a discount you must be actively affiliated with an EMS agency within the BREMSS 7 county region. 

**Discounts must be applied at the time of registration. Refunds will not be processed. 

Payment Methods

All payments by indivuiduals must be submitted via the online payment method.

Per BREMSS policy, only companies, agencies, and educational institutions shall be invoiced. Individuals must submit an online payment upon registration.


Who Can Take the Course


The BLS Instructor Essentials Course is an intensive course for instructor candidates who have already successfully completed the BLS Provider Course. The role and scope of practice of healthcare providers can vary greatly, so there are no profession-specific guidelines for becoming an AHA Instructor in a specific discipline. Instructor candidates should exemplify integrity, demonstrate strong ethics, communicate clearly, and model a dedication to quality of training.

BLS instructor candidates must meet certain requirements before taking the Instructor Essentials Course. Before attending the hands-on session (facilitated by faculty), all instructor candidates must

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be aligned with an AHA TC
    • Instructor candidates must have a TC that has agreed to accept them as an instructor once they have completed Instructor Essentials and their monitoring is completed.
  • Have a current AHA BLS Provider course completion card
  • Be proficient in the skills of BLS
  • Complete an Instructor Candidate Application
  • Successfully complete the online portion of Instructor Essentials

As a BLS Instructor, candidates will also be able to teach any course within the Heartsaver portfolio. Even though instructor candidates will be able to teach both BLS Provider and Heartsaver courses after completing the BLS Instructor Essentials Course, they need only a BLS Provider card to take BLS Instructor Essentials.

If you have any questions about prerequisites, please consult your TCC.  


BREMSS TC specific requirements


  • The BREMSS TC requires all instructor candidates to provide a letter from your employer or agency training officer or medical director requesting admission to the the AHA BLS Instructor Essentials course. This letter should also verify the candidate meets the required skills proficiency and knowledge as it pertainins to BLS. The instructor candidate may also provide documentation from the AHA lead instructor of the most recent provider course verifying that the candidate has met instructor potential in the requested discipline. 

Steps to Become an Instructor


There are 4 steps to become an AHA Instructor. For successful completion, instructor candidates must

  1. Be accepted by an AHA Training Center (TC) before enrolling in an Instructor Essentials Course and have a completed Instructor Candidate Application on file with that TC
  2. Have current AHA Provider status in the discipline for that Instructor Essentials Course and be proficient in all the skills of that discipline
  3. Successfully complete the Instructor Essentials Course, including both the online and hands-on session
  4. Successfully be monitored teaching within 6 months after completing the hands-on session of the Instructor Essentials Course (Training Center Coordinators [TCCs] may require additional monitoring, if needed) 

Required Documentation

The following documentation must be uploaded upon course registration:


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