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State of Alabama Approved 

 Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s National Standard Curriculum

Instructor Candidate Application

This form is required for acceptance into the BREMSS Training Center as an instructor candidate for the emergency vehicle operator's course (EVOC).

It should be completed by the instructor candidate with appropriate signatures.

Once your application is approved you will receive information at the registered email on the process to register for the EVOC Instructor Course Session.

Should your application be denied you will receive notification. 

Please allow 7-10 business days for your application to be processed.

*Completion of this application does not guarantee acceptance into the BREMSS Training Center, nor does it guarantee availability in your desired course or session date.

About the Course

The Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) establishes a national standard curriculum for providing the emergency vehicle operator with rules, information, demonstration, and field experience.

The Code of Alabama states that all persons driving a ground ambulance has passed the Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC). the Alabama Fire College's Apparatus Operator’s (AO) course, or the Alabama Fire College's Emergency Vehicle Driver (EVD) Course.

*The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) Office of EMS (OEMS) recognizes EVOC as the program the EMS Regions utilize to provide structured and documented emergency vehicle operator course to their EMS providers and EMS Educational Programs.

The OEMS goal for EVOC is to ensure, to the best of its ability, that appropriate ambulances are operated timely, adequately, and safely when transporting patients during their times of need. Emergency medical services have an obligation to serve the sick and injured while maintaining the safety of the public. It is the expectations of the OEMS that all OEMS licensed emergency vehicles operate in a courteous and professional manner.

EVOC clarifications, interpretations, updates and oversight are under the authority of the ADPH OEMS. Regional administration oversight has been granted by the OEMS to the regional EMS offices for the purpose of delivering EVOC to their local EMS agencies.

Hybrid Course Information

The Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) - Instructor Course conducted by the BREMSS Regional Office is a hybrid course consisting of three components:

  • Online, self-paced course work that must be completed prior to the in-person classroom session
  • Classroom session to include instructional assessments
  • Driving session to include the setup and implementation of the EVOC module B driving course

The coursework includes an overview of the EVOC Provider and Refresher courses including familiarization with the NHTSA Instructor Guide and Participant Manual as they relate to the EVOC Module A component, Module B demonstration and practice, and an overview of Module C and why it is important.

Upon successful completion of the EVOC Instructor Course, all instructors will receive electronic copies of the EVOC instructor materials. 

*To maintain Instructor status, the instructor must teach/assist at least one course per year.


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