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NCCR Training Series

Approved for 1 Hour CME by the ADPH OEMS

This session meets the NREMT requirements for the NCCR subtopic of


in the category of Airway, Respiration, & Ventilation

Suggested Topic Mapping

Paramedic - 1.0 Hour NCCR

AEMT- 1.0 Hour ICCR

EMT- 1.0 Hour ICCR

EMR- 1.0 Hour ICCR

NCCR = National Component  /  LCCR = Local Component  / ICCR - Individual Component

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  • Assess the difference between ventilation and oxygenation
  • Interpret blood oxygenation levels using pulse oximetry and capnography.
  • Discuss how ETCO₂ measures ventilation and perfusion
  • Confirm the phases of the ETCO₂ waveform of a capnography
  • Analyze an ETCO₂ reading
    • To assess and monitor proper endotracheal tube placement
    • To determine and monitor effective ventilation
    • To determine and monitor effective perfusion

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