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EMSA - Emergency Medical Stroke Assessment Initial Training -eLearning


Approved for 2 hours of Distributive CME

Severity-Based Stroke Triage: Key Concepts

EMSA Assessment

This course is based on the premise that earlier identification of strokes will lead to earlier treatment and better outcomes.

Materials covered include:

• Severity-Based Stroke Triage and why the Alabama Stroke System is incorporating it

• Why it matters: Treatment options and time windows for acute ischemic stroke

• Key Concepts:

• Stroke versus Stroke mimics

• Large vessel occlusion (LVO)

• The Emergency Medical Stroke Assessment (EMSA)

• Concept of time Last Known Well (LKW)

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Understand why the Alabama Stroke System is incorporating severity-based stroke triage

• Recall treatment options for ischemic strokes and the time frame for certain treatment options

• Recognize stroke symptoms and signs and common stroke mimics

• Examine a patient using the EMSA, and interpret the results

• Determine a patient’s LKW time

• Support patients in getting routed to the most suitable location avoiding delays


Toby Gropen, MD, FAHA

Director, UAB Comprehensive

Neurovascular and Stroke Center

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