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EVOC - Emergency Vehicle Operator Course Module A - eLearning


Approved for 8 hours of Distributive CME

**This is not a FULL EVOC PROVIDER Course. This course may be used as an EVOC Refresher or as the Module A Component of a full course if approved by the lead EVOC Instructor of the full course.

For an EVOC-Ambulance certificate to remain valid, an EVOC - Refresher is required at least once every two years. The Refresher course is a review of the material in the NHTSA Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (Ambulance): National Standard Curriculum text, especially any material that has been added, revised, or removed by NHTSA.

Module A is approximately eight hours of hybrid-based education that covers the laws, science, and techniques for operating an ambulance in both non-emergency and emergency modes.


Module A includes the following lessons-

Lesson 1- Introduction to the National Standard Curriculum for Ambulance Operators

Lesson 2- Legal Aspects of Ambulance Operations

Lesson 3- Communication and Reporting Rules and Responsibilities

Lesson 4- Ambulance Types and Operation

Lesson 5- Ambulance Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair

Lesson 6- Navigation and Route Planning

Lesson 7- Basic Maneuvers and Normal Operating Situations

Lesson 8- Operations in Emergency Mode and Unusual Situations

Lesson 9- Safety; Special Considerations

Lesson 10- The Run 

Important The course exam requires a 70% for successful completion.

You may access the EVOC Provider Manual by clicking the HERE!

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