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The EVOC Refresher Course consists of the Module A curriculum. Students must successfully complete all Module A objectives and the written exam to receive a Module A or refresher course completion certificate. Agencies may choose to also require Module B for refresher candidates and their courses. 

EVOC Module A  

Module A is approximately eight hours of classroom or hybrid-based education that covers the laws, science, and techniques for operating an ambulance in both nonemergency and emergency modes.

EVOC Module A includes the subject matter covered in the NHTSA Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (Ambulance): National Standard Curriculum text.

Module A lessons

  • Lesson 1 -  Introduction to the National Standard Curriculum for Ambulance Operators
  • Lesson 2 -  Legal Aspects of Ambulance Operations
  • Lesson 3 -  Communication and Reporting Rules and Responsibilities
  • Lesson 4 -  Ambulance Types and Operation
  • Lesson 5 -  Ambulance Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Lesson 6 -  Navigation and Route Planning
  • Lesson 7 -  Basic Maneuvers and Normal Operating Situations
  • Lesson 8 -  Operations in Emergency Mode and Unusual Situations
  • Lesson 9 -  Safety; Special Considerations  
  • Lesson 10 -  The Run  

EVOC Module A should provide instruction on general information as well as company specific information. It is recommended that EMS providers include additional information such as company driving rules and procedures, company fleet vehicle types, driving related safety practices, inspection and maintenance procedures, and insurance requirements.   Upon completion of the classroom content, participants will complete a multiple-choice test covering the content of Module A. The passing score for the course exam is 70%.

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