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This form is for students who are already enrolled in an EMR, EMT, or AEMT course approved by the BREMSS Region Office.

If you are looking for a course, please visit the following link for a list of region EMS programs.


All information on this page should be viewed prior to clicking on the "Register" button.

Course Disclaimer

An EMR, EMT, or Advanced EMT course may be taught outside of the traditional college setting if the course sponsor receives approval from an Alabama Regional EMS office / ADPH Office of EMS (OEMS). The approval process is based on national guidelines to ensure that successful EMS course completion will allow the student to take the National Registry exam for the level completed with a reasonable expectation of passing. To receive EMS course approval from the OEMS/Regional EMS Office, all EMR, EMT, and Advanced EMT courses must be compliant with the administrative requirements including minimum requirements for the course coordinator, primary instructor, and assistant instructor(s).

The BREMSS regional office can verify that the minimum requirements for conducting the EMS course have been met based on the application process and supporting documentation submitted by the requesting agency.

BREMSS cannot verify the course quality, validity, or reliability as they pertain to the course coordinator, primary instructor, or assistant instructor(s) and/or the instruction that you will receive during the course.

As it pertains to instructional materials, BREMSS does not set a requirement on specific publishing materials. Each educational program shall use the curriculum established by the National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards and shall conform to other stipulations as set forth in the 420-2-1 rules.


Before completing this form, you will need the following codes that should have been provided to you by the course instructor:

  • Course Registration Code (Entered upon clicking on the "register" button)
  • Course Approval Code (Code is specific to the course you are enrolled in, i.e. 23-EMT-R3-123). This will be entered in the first part of the registration form. 

Step 1: The registration form must be completed in its entirety. Following submission of this form you will receive an email containing your student registration forms at the email address entered into the form.

Step 2: Once the email has been received, print off this packet. 

Step 3: Sign and date all forms where required. 

Step 4: Have a witness complete the name, signature, and date sections where required. 

Step 5: Once signed, return all documents to your course coordinator or instructor.

Should you have any questions or issues, please reach out to your course coordinator.

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