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The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) recognizes [approves] continuing medical courses when the education provided is relevant to the rendering of emergency medical care and meets the requirements as set forth in this application. A course coordinator must be sure to complete all forms and include every attachment requested. An incomplete application may provide reason for invalidation by the ADPH Office of Emergency Medical Services, meaning the course is unapproved.

A course registration and an application packet are required for each continuing medical education course. Course registration is accomplished through the region EMS office. Completed application packets, including all related materials, must be available for audit for three years following course completion. It is the responsibility of the course coordinator to maintain the application packets. It is acceptable, in cases where an outside course coordinator is used, for a sponsoring agency to maintain course records. All application materials must be presented within three (3) business days should an audit be requested by the ADPH OEMS Regional Office. The application must be completed prior to submitting a course registration. The course registration must be approved prior to the course being conducted.
Candidates who successfully complete an approved course may request a completion document or certificate from the course coordinator. Completion documents and certificates must contain the official OEMS approved course number.


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