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Lecture Sessions are reserved for students associated with the site's students or employees unless specifically listed as open for general attendance. 

In-person lecture session attendees (EMT students):

The AHS lecture will take place at the location of your normal classroom meetings unless otherwise noted. For clarification please contact your course coordinator or instructor. 


Zoom lecture  session attendees:

Authentication is required for all events hosted by BREMSS via Zoom. If you do not have a current zoom account please register for one prior to the date and time of the event. Prior account registration will prevent issues with event participation. You may visit to register for a free account.

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Required only if participating in a BREMSS Regionally Approved EMR, EMT, or AEMT Course.

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Required if receiving Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit.

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Name of your Sponsoring Agency, department, or EMS Program
Select the region in which you perform your primary EMS duties.
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